The Empress - Throw Pillow
The Empress - Throw Pillow
The Empress - Throw Pillow

The Empress - Throw Pillow

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This print is hand dyed and sewn ethically and uniquely in British Columbia. This tarot series is a collaborative effort from Erzebet Bathory Tarot.

100% Satin 
(Pillow Back is a Black Cotton/Poly Blend)

The tapestry prints are hand dyed and hand sewn. Each piece will be slightly unique. Due to the handmade quality, small smears may appear in the print. It just makes your new piece completely authentic and rare. X

About the Series 

This series is illustrated and designed by Grace Moyer, and curated with care, respect and authenticity by Dayna Goudie. 

As a child I was guided by the stars and planets. Everything in the Universe called for me. As I grew, my sister introduced me to the world of tarot. I connected myself to the symbolism for guidance and it has lead me to unbelievable places. To me, every important journey has started and ended with the cards.


When working on collaborations I don’t only want to work with peers that I respect. I want to work with artists who are deeply passionate about their craft with a strong voice to share with the world. 

This series was ignited by Dayna’s strong connection to and passion for tarot. Through months of drafting, redrafting, research, and education, we’re finally ready to start showcasing the collection. 

A tremendous amount of hours, work and heart has gone into this collection. We both are so excited to finally begin sharing it with our communities. 


The Empress - Throw Pillow